Saba 5.x Developer Training

Whether you are a beginner, Intermediate, or Expert Saba user, Noraf Provides a comprehensive training class that focuses on all technical areas of the Saba Enterprise system. Let our 5 day training course get you moving in the right direction. No more asking questions and waiting for a response. Now is the time to fully understand the Saba methodology. Learn, grow, and empower yourself with the latest tools and techniques you need to become successful as a Saba Developer.

Course Outline

Day 1

  • Architecture Overview
  • Saba Environment Setup
  • Developer Environment setup
  • Discuss System Performance and Configuration
  • Cover deployment processes on App Server (JBoss & WebSphere)

  • Day 2

  • Overview on Deeplink Framework
  • Web Service Configuration
  • Create and Call Web Services
  • Saba Portlet Development and JSR 168

  • Day 3

  • Overview on Saba API
  • Extending the Saba API
  • Finder Object SQL and API implementation
  • Debugging and Troubleshooting

  • Day 4

  • Overview of Functionality and Commonly used Components
  • UI configuration and customization
  • Processing XML, XSP, JAVA, CSS, JavaScript as one

  • Day 5

  • Q and A session with the Instructor
  • Review Real World Examples

  • To express interest please send email to:
    Online Media Kit