Business Process Management

Noraf 360 equips your business with the technology to grow and adapt to today’s changes so you can be ready for tomorrow’s surprises. Come look at your business from our point of view. Is your company trying to figure out how to manage resources, people, sales, orders, client interest all within the budget? So you say, you need Application A to talk to Application B and Application A, B and C should tell you how much products are ready for shipment.

With Noraf 360 interactive solutions connecting the dots couldn’t be any easier. Our consultants first do a complementary analysis of your organization ask the right questions and then develop your road map for success. Noraf 360 solution is based on the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) which uses the latest in Web Service and Portal technology that let’s your origination get back to managing it’s everyday activities from top down, not bottom up. No longer does your organization need to make a phone call to the warehouse to get the final numbers for today’s finished totals, just navigate to Noraf Interactive Portal and search, click and print.

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