What we offer

Internet Marketing

Building websites with reusable content, multi-language support, multi-media support, latest in Web 2.0 technology and best Search Engine Optimization practices.

Human Capital Management

What happened to service is first? Let our dedicated staff help you plan your roadmap to success. Connecting all the dots can be easy when you’re dealing with the Human Capital Management experts. Come see for yourself…

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Training Services

Saba 5.x Developer Training

A five day course covering developer environment setup, web services implementation, UI customization, debugging and troubleshooting, and best practices.

Saba 5.x Business Analyst Training

A four day course covering domain configurations, system administration, UI configuration, security roles and industry best practices.

Career Opportunities

Business Process Management

Noraf 360 equips your business with the technology to grow and adapt to today’s changes so you can be ready for tomorrow’s surprises.